Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Got A Little More Rain Today....

These are my babies....My life! I think everyday, even on the worst days, what would I do without them?
I am so thankful and grateful to God for blessing my life and entrusting me to be their mom.
While taking my son's senior pictures I realized how time flies. They grow up so fast. 
No do overs, what ever you have taught them or not taught them in the small window of time you had them with you, is over.
I have so many "I wish I would have".....you know how it goes, I wish I would have snuggled longer,
said yes more often, played harder, and not wished them to get to the next stage so fast. 
My do over.....SLOW DOWN! Embrace every second, and enjoy every single stage, even the stages where you think you won't survive.
But nothing makes you realize how precious life is and how fast it goes by or how quickly it can be taken away, then when your phone rings and your child has been in an auto accident.
At 3:00 p.m. today, I get a call that Landon has totaled his truck. He is ok, Praise God!, just a little sore. 
When I arrived to the accident there were so many flashing lights my heart stopped.
There were several cars involved and two different wrecks just minutes apart, and thank God no one was seriously hurt. 
I must admit my second reaction after I realized my son was ok, was frustration, and one angry momma. 
If you have read my past blogs, we are still in the process of battling out my wreck with the insurance companies that just happened a few weeks ago.
So now we are officially down to one car, which is headed to the shop because it is broken.
So that means.....3 drivers in the house, and no cars!
Guess I shouldn't have complained about the cost of gas so much.
We exchanged all the info., watched my sons car being towed a way, and left the scene of the accident. 
I felt like crying, screaming, and then laughing. I just could not believe these past few weeks!
Then we had to go to the tow yard to pick up my sons bag out of his car. Only to be told we would have to pay 45.00 to get it. WHAT? WHY? 
Oh, because they close at 4 and the car just got there, so it's 45.00.....YEAH!
Now I'm really not happy.
We get to his car, and as I am carrying a arm full of his stuff, all my emotions hit me at once! I loose it!
Because I was overwhelmed with gratitude, while being gripped with fear, that Thank God, I'm not carrying the belongings out of my son's car who was just killed in that accident. 
The loss of transportation is an inconvenience...yes, but the loss of his life would have been unbearable.
I have always empathized with people who have had to deal with the loss of their children. 
I can not imagine how deep their pain must be. 
I know many people have gone through what I went through today, and the outcome was not good. 
Please take a moment to say a prayer for those people. 
It is in moments like these, that we have to be grateful for the people in our lives, appreciative of what God gives us, and thankful for a new day.
I don't know why so much is coming our way right now, but like I have said before, I will be strong and remain in Faith that God has a plan. Everything will work out like it is supposed to, and what doesn't break us down, makes us stronger. 
This too shall pass, as my grandma would say. 
Today, you are getting a big dose of TarasTidbits! 
I will be posting the closet outcome shortly....I did make the goal. Even through all this!

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