Saturday, November 19, 2011

Challenge number ??????

OK, So I have NO idea where I have left off on this challenge thing.
I have been totally busy, there is just a lot of things I haven't 
actually posted, because it is either day to day nonsense or
unfinished projects! 
Could have sworn the reason for this challenge was to NOT have 
unfinished projects!
However, next time I do a challenge it will be when it's not so
close to any holiday and a child graduating!
But here is what I have done...Oh and FYI, to top things off
I'm just finishing a wonderful cycle of the stomach flu!
My pics won't be that great because quite honestly today I just
don't have the energy. 
I finally finished my burlap table runner....yeah!
I have wanted to do this for a while since I saw it on a post
(props to
So here is my will look quite simple,
but the fact is, for a newbie sewer like myself it
took a little longer than I thought.

Believe it or not the hardest part was all that fraying!

Not great pictures, it looks alot better in person. 
Now if I could just find my farm table to make it pop!

YES....My house is decorated for Christmas. I actually 
got most of it done last weekend. I have 4 trees done
and 2 more to go. Then I'll hopefully get all
the outside done by tomorrow. 
YEAH! Nothing like an early start....
So there you have it! That is what I've been doing,
that, and Bible study, Photo group outreach, Connect groups,
one-one mentorships, feeding the missions, sewing class, Lifecoaching, 
LifeCoach training, making crafts for the craft show,  talking to insurance companies, and all the other
day to day chores.....blah, blah, blah.
NOT to show you what all I do in a day, because we are all
terribly busy, I just wanted to show you, I wasn't purposely
putting off my blog.
I've missed you guys!
You are never to old to start new hobbies and new adventures,
but you may start to feel old if you do to many at once.

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