Friday, October 21, 2011

Time To Stop Raining.....

Do you every feel like when it "Rains in Pours"?
Ever wake up and have those days when you just feel like something isn't right,
but you just can't explain it? Ever feel like no matter how hard you try, you still
sometimes feel lost?
My kids are on Fall Break, and to say it has been eventful would be putting it mildly.
For several nights, I have been having trouble sleeping, and large amounts of anxiety during the day.
I couldn't quite put my finger on it, and I spent a lot of time in prayer. 
But no matter how much I prayed, I still felt anxious, sad, worried, and fearful.
And as I'm writing this to you now, I still feel uneasy. 
Well after 18 years of being a mom, I've learned, like many of you moms, listen to your gut.
If mama feels it, then it is probably right on the money.
Sure enough, Thursday evening my son decided he was going to meet up with a bunch
of friends from school and go to a midnight showing of an opening movie in brick town. 
I really didn't feel good about this, I do not like him in brick town, even if he is 18. BUT against my gut feelings, I allowed him to go. 
My daughter, also in high school, decided she and her friends wanted to go to the same movie.
Of course there was no way, they were going to brick town or alone. So I decided to go ahead and take her and 4 of her friends. 
So we head out. We stop to get something to eat, and then as we are heading to the movie, a car pulls out right in front of me. I was going 45 miles an hour through a green light and she turned in front of me and said she had a green arrow. So you can see where this is going...yes we crashed into each other.
The driver was a teenager, and I was responsible for 4 other kids. 
My car was totaled and we had some minor bumps and bruises and major aches and pains, but thank the Lord we were not seriously hurt.
As the police arrived, I was completely certain I had a green light, and she was completely certain she had a green now the insurance adjusters have to hash it out. We had one witness that came forward and said he saw green but wasn't 100 percent sure it was a ball or an arrow....
As we are writing up the logistics and exchanging of information, my phone rings.
It is my son saying he is headed to the hospital. 
So now I am sitting on a curb with 4 achey kids, and no car, waiting on someone to pick us up and my son is heading to the hospital! 
I put my head down, and all I could say was "You can't be serious"?
So we tow the car, get my husband, drop off all the kids and head to the hospital.
My son leaves with a cast and orders to see a orthopedic surgeon to reset his elbow and forearm. 
Anyone reading this, if you know my son, you know that he is addicted to lifting weights, and working out. It is his life. So now not only is he in pain,  has a cast, can't workout, nauseated from the medication,  but he has to take the ACT tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m.!
Not good timing!
Also, he has his senior pics on wed. and he can't reschedule. So there goes all the clothes he picked out. He will be sporting a cast!
How did he do it? Are you ready for this? He, 18 years old, was playing around with a bunch of people in the middle of brick town, playing leap frog...yes leap frog, trying to be stupid.
Oh yes, I saved the best for last....we have no health insurance. Our new insurance doesn't take effect until Dec. 1st....yeah!
My daughter had to leave for church camp early the next morning, and her back and neck hurt. I feel like I've been hit my a mack truck.
We get a call from the bank today, saying that our account is showing charges from China...haven't been to China!
So now we get to battle that one out.
We get the mail, and someone used our pike pass on their car? Who? We have no idea, so we get to pay a fine.
The driver who was taking my son to the hospital was driving his truck, and he got 2 tickets on the way to the hospital.
I am still dealing with all of my health issues.
My son charged over a 1000.00 in charges on his cell phone,  while he was using it out of the country.
Oh...and how could I forget the best one, he got a tattoo without permission...YEAH!
So in a nutshell, this has been the last two days for us.
And BELIEVE me, that is only 1/2 of it.
So all day, I have been blah, blah, blah.
But I think God is OK with that. He can handle my tears, fears, and cranky days.
He still loves me!
The way I see it, is yes, all of this stuff really stinks. But it really is so small in comparison to so many other stories of tragedy. It is mostly all just inconvenience. And we, as humans, hate to be inconvenienced.
I still believe God is teaching me everyday. I still believe you always have room for growth, and right now I'm being tested on my patience, and my faith to put it all in H
is hands.
My flesh of course is exhausted, but I know God is strong enough to lift me back up, and remind me that he promised us a wonderful life but not a perfect life.
So when you have those days when EVERYTHING seems to be going wrong, remember it is okay to scream, cry, and be angry. Just don't stay there. Get it out, and move on.
I know that tomorrow the sun will rise, and a new day will begin. How it goes will all be determined on how I approach it.
It is when you feel so alone, or lost, and your days seem dark, that God holds you even tighter.
I'm sure someday, I will look back at this crazy day and laugh....isn't that what they say?
I'm ready to start laughing!
I hope this can brighten someones day, to where they say, WOW and I thought I had a rough day.
Good night friends.....
Keep Praying!
P.S. I'm making it look like my son is a little turd, but honestly he is a good kid, just trying to find himself. We all make mistakes as teenagers, I'm just blessed God has protected him
from making MAJOR mistakes.

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