Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's Not About You

I want you to write the words UNITED/UNTIED. Tell me what you see.
Same word? Read again!
I very wise person  showed me this, and it was such an eye opener. As I have said
in my past blogs, my life has done a complete turn around. But not without the grace of God.
I haven't shared all of my story with you, but in time I will. For now I will share this little "TIDBIT"that hopefully will help you or someone you know.
We all know relationships can be difficult, especially marriage. It takes ALOT of work.
For my husband and I, we have gone through almost every marriage breaker there is.
Most people wrote us off long ago. But we are still going, and actually better than ever.
Because I let go and let GOD! Like literally!
I put on my God goggles, and saw him through God's eyes instead of my own!
Trust me there were many, many times I wanted to give up, walk away, and find peace.
Instead, I put on my big girl boots, and decided it was time for a change. 
A change in me, a change in my heart.

I could not forgive. Oh I said I had, but trust me, you will know when you have truly FORGIVEN!
It is a release and a peace that only God can give. 
Remember unforgiveness is not hurting the person you haven't forgiven it is hurting you by keeping
YOU in bondage. Release it. Life is too short and it is not worth it.
Every issue I had, every hurt feeling, lack of respect, unforgiveness, anger, regret, EVERYTHING. I blamed on him. 
But you know what it was MY choice to feel this way. It was MY choice to allow him and the issues the power to make me feel this way. 
So what did I do...I got REAL! God and I took a little journey. It was ugly at times and hard to truly look at myself, release old pain, and be happy with my life, my struggles and where God had placed me.
But,it was the best decisison and journey  I have ever taken!
So where does the words come in I gave you...well look closely.
What makes these two words different?
The  "I".
They are the same word just the "I" is in a different place. But what a difference that
little "I" makes.
If you are united...you are joined...right? If you are untied...you are apart!
See where this is going?
YOU are the "I", when you make everything about you, then you are not "united"with someone else.
You are selfish, and untied. 
For me, everything was about how the issues affected me ("I"). So I couldn't connect. 
God wants us united, and the only way to stay united is to live a selfless life and not be untied by our own needs and selfishness.
For me, I'm a very giving person, but unforgiveness was trapping me in a world of "woe is me". 
The best thing that could have happened to me and I thank God for everyday, is my struggles and challenges he has placed in my path. Because without those, I would not be the person I am today, and I could not help others who are going through similar issues.
So take that step...start letting go, forgiving, and living!

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