Friday, October 7, 2011

Life Coaching-Dream Board

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?
Can you remember your dreams?
How about who you were before you became a mommy or wife?
 Being a Christian Life Coach that is one of the main issues that repeatedly comes up.  
Many women feel they have lost themselves,forgot their dreams, and  forgot what it is they used to
be passionate about.

When we become wives and mommies, somehow through all the chaos, although worth it, we 
tend to put ourselves on the back burner for all the needs, dreams, hopes, and future
of our children. Our husbands and kids dreams, and passions somehow become ours dreams and passions.

So what is my advice to these woman?
The "YOU" God created you to be! 

When you were born you were born with a passion, that passion continued to burn inside you
as your grew older. It is a passion that God placed inside you, your Holy Spirit. 
Do you ever find yourself, on fire about a certain issue, a certain cause, a fun hobby?
Those are passions. God given Passions!

Many times, we get so wrapped up in the role we are supposed to play in this crazy world
that we don't take time to play the role God intended us to play.

I want to help you, like I
 help my clients, to find yourself again!
We will start by creating a DREAM BOARD.....

First, to find our more about finding your passion, or your purpose, I recommend 
two incredible reads


OK now on to our project.

What you will need:

Poster Board
Pictures, quotes, songs, etc.

I want you to start by cutting out pictures, or printing from the web dreams you would like to accomplish.
You can have long term dreams, say like 10 years all the way to short term dreams, maybe to complete in a week.
It is important to put everything and anything on that board that you would like to accomplish
before you die.
Kinda like a "Bucket List".

You may even have photos of people you need to connect with or forgive, verses that inspire and motivate you, or maybe countries you want to visit.
Whatever it is remember they are YOUR dreams, no one else! YOUR goals to complete!

Once you have the items, start gluing them onto your board. You can add things at anytime, and 
be sure and cross off a dream once it has came true, so you can see the

Also, the most important thing.....Place the Dream Board in a place where you will
have to see it EVERYDAY!

Then to hold you even more accountable....I would love for you to submit
pictures of your dream boards right here on the blog. We together, can help each other
find ourselves and be accountable to complete our goals.

I'm so excited about doing this with you guys. I promise it is SO worth it.
You will be so surprised about rediscovering the little things you forgot about yourself
that make you, YOU!

Have fun! Dream Big! God loves passionate people, and he wants you to be happy and fulfilled with the life he has blessed you with.

Just a little "TIDBIT" since I have started my Dream Board...
I have learned to make a pie, from SCRATCH, even the crust!
Took a sewing class.
Started this Blog! :)
Purchased my dream camera!
Got my Life Coach Certification...

Happy Dreaming....

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