Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sewing Fun!

I am taking my very first sewing class! I love it! It is so much fun!
I made my first project, a bag, with a zipper and all! YEAH! 
This is another one of my midlife hobbies, I have taken on. If you only knew
how many hobbies I have up my sleeve. Pretty sure I'm driving everyone crazy
turning our house into a permanent hobby/craft house. So what would  you like for 
I told my daughter that I was going to be so good at this sewing thing that I
am going to sew her winter formal dress! She didn't like that too much.
On a serious note, I am super excited about all the soon to come 
items that I will have for sale on this blog. OH and best part about
my sewing embroideries...yes it does!
And it is all digital....the last time I sewed I had to thread my own needle, crank the handle
and had a foot pedal...not anymore!
For those of you who sew regularly you are probably thinking, really where has she been the last
20 years? 
So as of now I'm blogging, making crafts to sale, taking pics, sewing, painting, turning trash to treasure,  and working on my kids scrapbook albums. 
My son is graduating and I will admit it....His album hasn't been updated since he was 2 years old....bad mom! 
Do you think I have enough "hobbies" on my plate. At least I'm never bored!
You should join about a artsy fartsy day? 
Oh FYI, Bee Sew Inn, is where I am taking my class, it is a 9 week class and you get a 
brand new sewing machine when you complete the class!

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