Monday, September 26, 2011

Things that make you go...HMMM???

First, of all thanks to all of you who are enjoying my blogs, I'm loving the feedback....however, I'd really love it more if you would be a follower and comment below the blog...not that I don't love Facebook and all (even if I'm quite frustrated with them right now.) It is just that if you aren't a follower and you don't leave comments I can't direct you to other awesome blogs, and fun giveaways. So follow! Ok, now that I got that out of the way. Here are a few tidbits for you to chew on today.

We (the hubs and I) were cleaning out the garage all weekend in preparation for a garage sale (the one thing I hate more than anything). I usually try to avoid doing garage sales, and just giving my stuff away to goodwill, then I realized that wasn't such a good idea because when I go on my thrifting sprees, I end up buying my stuff back!

First, let me explain to those who do not know my husband and I, we are the most opposite any two people could ever be. For example, he is very quiet, and I am very loud; he is shy, I'm out going; he does not want to be noticed, I want everybody to notice me; he usually doesn't have much to say, and I usually have too much to say; I am a get things done now and done right girl, he is a I'll get to them sometime and do them h/a, but cleaning out the garage together, made me really realize just how opposite we truly are.  I am, I haven't used it in a year, so get rid of it, he on the other hand had papers, files, and unopened mail from 1994! No lie! 1994! To make things worse, he had to go through, sort and read each piece, piece by piece, word for word! As if it would make any difference after 17 years. Seriously, who holds on to stuff like that? Oh yes, a hoarder (lol)!  Then after whining and complaining for him to just throw it away,  I found a box that had old pics, kids art work, cards, notes, etc. So guess who found herself going through things piece by piece, reading word for word?!?   Of course, mine was different because it was mementos right?  We ended up sitting in the middle of the garage floor surrounded by junk, laughing and crying, and laughing some more. It is moments like this that it hits you, where does time go? Our life has flown by, our kids grown up too fast, and what we thought were huge problems at the time, seem so small to us now. Life changes, style changes (thank the Lord), and people change. We are not the same two people in those pictures, some for the good, some not so good. But everything changes. We realized we are heading into a new season of our lives, it will soon just be the two of us living under one roof. We have spent our entire marriage raising kids, so this will be an adventure. An adventure we are excited about, but also a bit nervous. The mind starts wondering and the what if's start setting in. I spend ALOT of time being a mom, so for me the transition will be a bit harder. The empty nest will hit me the hardest, as I think it does for all mom's, men are just ready to get their "girls' back all to themselves. Many people divorce during this time, but we are hopefully taking the steps necessary now to make it about us. We have had many things that have come up in 20 years that most people would have divorced over, so if we made it through those things, then surely we can make it through as empty nesters! I laid in bed last night replaying all the letters and journals I came across and all the memories good and bad. I realized had we always just put God first, and relied on him to lead the direction for our lives, then most of our troubles, worries, and heartache would have been easier to deal with. NOT obsolete, because God doesn't promise we won't have struggles or heartache, he just promises to get us through them.  So much time has been wasted on anger, unforgiveness, selfishness, and resentment. Life is too short to harbor all these feelings, let go and let God, and start living.
We can't go back and change our past, who we were, or what we did, but we can move forward into the future with a fresh new outlook, an excitement for adventure, and a trust that God is paving the road ahead.


  1. I have been struggling with this empty nest for quite some time! I'm often wondering what's in store for us in this next chapter! Very thought provoking but I do know one thing for sure we couldn't have made it for 22 years without God with us every step of the way! When the kids leave the nest I'm praying that we don't just sit staring at each other going duhh! I'm loving you blogs they are thought provoking and inspirational! Keep it up an uplifting something to read at the end of the day is great! And we really need to get together sometime soon!

  2. Thanks Kelly for the comments...and maybe empty nest won't be so bad :) At least you still have Grey! Glad you are enjoying the blogs, I appreciate your comments. Glad God can use me to be inspirational to others. Definitely soon we should get together.