Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Oh, I am so excited! I am officially going to be a blogger! I have wanted to do this for many years, but somewhere between being computer illiterate, not feeling like I had much to say, and young children, blogging was put on hold! I'm still not computer savvy, I have plenty to say, just might not be important to everyone, and my kids are grown and leaving me :( that means it is time for momma to blog. 
I first want to thank, for getting me started. Yes, I am a pinterestaholic! I begin and end my day scrolling through pages of DIY and Crafts, which then takes me to all these awesome blogs, which of course then means following them, and the people they are following. Yes, in a nutshell, there goes my day. So for those of you who have not discovered pinterest, you have been warned. 
This will be a fun journey, we will laugh together, cry together, we might even get mad together. My blogs will hopefully be helpful, encouraging, motivational, spiritual, and filled with truth, and honesty. What you read is what you will get. I will be as open and real with you as I can be. I hope you stick around, follow me for a bit and see where this journey takes us. Happy Blogging......

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