Thursday, November 10, 2011

Challenge Day 5-10.....

OK seriously, where is time going? I can' seem to keep up.
I feel like there are not enough hours in the day to 
do everything I want to do.

Anyone else feel that way?

I will try to give you the "highlights" of what I have
accomplished these last 5 days.
 I know, I promised you something "extraordinary", but
 some days are just "ordinary" and busy with
normal day to day stuff.
So not a lot of "fun" to report, but a promise is  a promise
so I'll give you what I got!

 On Saturday Nov. 5th, I got to go with my photography group and take pictures of 
"Gods Creation"
Sounds easy, but it was a bit tougher than I thought, because the place we 
went was BEAUTIFUL...and all around me was
God's miraculous creations.
I wanted to bottle it all up and capture every moment. 
Here a are a few of the shots....

Fall leaves and colors are so amazing to me.

Streams of natural water is not only peaceful but tranquil.

I love paths, and this place had many beautiful, winding paths.
This shot made me think of the journey I've been on and the 
journey that lies ahead. But with God guiding my path
how can I ever go in the wrong direction.

It is when I am in surroundings like this and see the beauty of everything God created,
that I wonder how could someone NOT believe?

Sunday, wasn't such a good day I had a migraine all day, so I missed church,
that always makes me sad. 
But I did get my carpets cleaned, so that was one more thing checked off my list.
My poor husband had to get everything ready and moved, so appreciate him!

Monday, was my sewing class day. Have I told you how much
I. Love. That. Class?
I have an awesome machine, that even embroideries, and we are making
our second bag.
I am learning so much, and realizing sewing is an expensive
little hobby.

Tuesday, I went to my Bible study group where we are studying Beth Moore's
it is awesome, real, and makes you really think.
Doesn't help when you are doing the study and you had a tornado, earthquake and flooding
all in one night. 
I was starting to wonder what went wrong...Had I been LEFT BEHIND?!?
After Bible study, I had the privilege of teaching women how
These women had NEVER been to a thrift store, they felt a little overwhelmed at 
first, but with a little guidance, in no time they started loading 
their carts.....SHOCKED at all the great finds.
For those of you who do not know....Thrift stores are pretty much 
all I shop at. I get asked all the time "where did you get that, it is so cute"
I smile, and say GW for 1.00!

We had so much fun and here are a few items I picked up for myself. 

Cute little tailored ticking jacket. still has a tag on it, $59.50!

However see that little red tag....yep! That means 1.99!

Awesome lightweight sweater, pictures do not do these justice. Light Paris Blue with brown stitching.
Boutique style.

Great Corral 
Bohemian style shirt.

Notice where it is from, Ann Taylor Loft, oh and the YELLOW tag, that meant 1/2 off,
so how much did I pay? .50 cents!

Loved this vintage, butterfly, fun, flirty skirt.

The vintage glass buttons gives it a boutique feel.

Oh, and what is this? Well I collect these old vintage Thermos. WHY? Because
I like them, and I have cute fun party ideas with them. 

I think that was the smallest amount of items I've ever left a thrift store with, but I wasn't there for me
I was there to help others. 

Wednesday, Well I organized! It all started with waking up at 5:30 a.m. and cleaning
out my refrigerator and kids snack pantry, getting it ready
for the food I was heading to purchase at the grocery store.
I am so anal about my grocery shopping, however
I HATE grocery shopping.
I have to write a menu, make a list, drive to the store (which now takes forever), usually I have to go to more than one store.
Put the groceries in the cart, wait in line, put the groceries on the belt to ring up, take the sacks
and put in my car, drive back home, unload the groceries into the house, and put them all 
a way! 
But to make things more difficult for me that day, I decided to redo my kids snack cabinet and
one of my spice cabinets.
Here are some pictures, of the final result. Not exactly what I was going for, but
financially right now, it was all I could do. Containers are expensive!

Labeled with chalk vinyl paper, cut them into oval shapes, and used a chalk marker to write.

Hopefully, this will keep us from having 1/2 eaten snack foods, because the bag has been left open and the food became stale.

Now lets see how long it takes the kids to mess up their pantry?!?

So that has been it for the last few days, I feel like I at least got some things done.
If God calls you to it, or you wake up breathing, remember you have a 
purpose that day! So don't put things off or be lazy, use your
time wisely.

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