Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 2....

OK! So what did I do for today's Challenge?
Well....I cried!
Yep...all day long....
Doesn't that sound encouraging?
Because today, I had to finalize my son's 
Senior Salute
I went through piles of baby pictures.

Realizing through each picture how much time has really passed.
I know our kids have to grow up, and I know they have to leave us.
But looking back on all the pictures, it really makes you
hope and pray you gave them enough love, memories,
and good advice to carry forward.
My baby went from this (which seems like yesterday BTW) cute!
To this.... :(

A grown MAN!
I still feel like I can put him in my arms and hold him...
And trust me, I still try.
I have literally put this Senior Salute off until the absolute last day
to turn it in.
It has been really hard, letting go.
So today, while crying, I prayed the same prayer I pray 
over my children...
God, please guide them physically, morally, spiritually, and emotionally. Cover them
with your blood of protection. 
I know God only gave us our children to raise for a little while, they are HIS not ours.
I thank God he choose me to be Landon's mom. 
All I can do now, is set him free, trust him, respect the man he has become, and let 
him know that if and when he falls, I'll always be there to lift him back up.
I know as a parent you always second guess yourself, and wonder if you
did enough, set enough good examples, taught them enough values, encouraged them enough,
and even loved them enough.
I want to believe I did, but I know I wasn't perfect, I know I made mistakes, 
whoever said raising kids was crazy!
Landon is my little miracle baby. I believe God has big plans for him.
So Landon this is to you....
I will soon be saluting you off into this great big world,
I want you to know that from the moment you came
into this world, my life has never been the same.
You bring me so much joy
You taught me how to love more deeply than I knew possible.
You showed me  that you do not know pain until you experience the pain of your child hurting.
You make me laugh everyday
You showed me that you never understand the meaning of "worry" until you have a child
There is never have a dull moment with you around
You have made me proud
I love you son.....

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